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Through credit from Private Investors

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We help you find Financing

Through credit from Private Investors

Annual with repayment at maturity: It is a type of loan whose repayment of capital plus interest is returned after 12 months from the date of its signature. There is the possibility of loan renewal, simply by paying the interest generated in that first year. If you are thinking of selling or receiving an amount of money that is delayed over time and you have an immediate need for liquidity, this is the product that best suits your needs.

In installments (up to a maximum term of 20 years): A loan that facilitates the return of capital through monthly payments. The loan repayment can be through.

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We study the viability of all operations for free and without binding commitment from the client

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Do not give ASNEFF RAI

Regardless of appearing in late registration. The only guarantee of payment is the contribution of a real estate, therefore it is not relevant to appear in RAI or ASNEF.

Formalization before a Notary

The whole process is legal and totally transparent. We formalize the operation before a notary and registration in the property registry

20 years to pay

For greater comfort in the payment of the loan we extend the term to the maximum and with the possibility of lack, which has a direct impact on the decrease in the installment.

Maximum amount

We carry out operations of any amount. The maximum total loan amount is established based on the approved appraisal value of the guarantee provided, up to a maximum of 40%.

You only need to provide as security a real estate (housing, premises, etc.) free of charges or with a minimum mortgage charge. We handle the entire process of processing and managing the financing of your private loan
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This type of loan facilitates the return of the capital granted by paying comfortable installments. If you have a specific problem that requires immediate solution, if you are in delinquent records and you cannot opt ​​for bank financing, or you are looking to reunify small debts, we offer you an easy and fast way and with convenience in payment.

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